making matcha

using a bamboo whisk and tea bowl


Step One – Sift 1-2 grams of matcha powder into a cup using a small sifter



Step Two – Add a few drops of hot (but not boiled) water and stir into a fine, smooth paste, with no lumpy bits



Step Three – Add 60ml of hot (but not boiled) water. For best results use water of 80 degrees.



Step Four – Whisk vigorously until froth appears.



Step Five – Enjoy your matcha tea in 3 sips.


matcha in a cup

Step one: Heat water (but do not boil), 80 degrees is best.

Step two: Add a few drops of hot water to matcha powder and mix into paste with a spoon

Step three: Add more hot water to paste mixture and stir. Try 1-2 grams to 60ml of water. Adjust measurement to suit taste.

Step four: Enjoy your matcha (in 3 sips is customary).

matcha as an ingredient

Lower culinary grade matcha can be used as an ingredient in baking, lattes, ice creams, protein shakes and a host of other great ideas. Checkout our great recipe ideas.

Lower grade matcha is more bitter but it’s not as  important when used as an ingredient as the taste is not noticed. For drinking matcha as a tea we recommend premium ceremonial grade for a delicious sweet taste.