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Matcha Teazen Difference

Matcha Teazen is the highest grade of ceremonial matcha tea available and is greener and better tasting than most, or your money back!

We challenge you to compare it against your current brand.


Different grades

Matcha tea is available in different grades, from ceremonial and premium grade (ideal for drinking in tea ceremonies or just for drinking), to culinary grade (ideal for use in recipes and cooking, baking or lattes).

The nutrients and health benefits remain the same regardless of the grade, however the taste does not, higher grades are sweeter and better tasting, lower grades are bitter and coarse from the stems and veins.

The price you pay also increases significantly in line with the grade or quality of matcha as ceremonial quality matcha is more labour intensive and the cost of labour in Japan is high.

Ceremonial grade matcha is hand-picked selecting only the leaf at the tip of the plant, which is then deveined and destemmed by hand and then stone ground making a finer powder texture, smoother taste and better mouth feel. Lower grades are machine ground.



Which grade is right for me?


#1 – Ceremonial grade (exceptional quality) great for drinking in tea ceremonies and for matcha ­­­enthusiasts.

#2 – Premium grade (best quality) great for drinking matcha using the traditional method.

#3 – Café grade (good quality) great for in lattes, shakes, blended drinks etc.

#4 – Kitchen grade (average quality) great for shakes, desserts, for use in recipes, baking etc.

Currently we only offer the highest premium quality of ceremonial grade matcha as the full health benefits of matcha can only be obtained by drinking it as tea in hot water like the original Buddhist monks.

However if you want to consume matcha in protein shakes, as an ingredient in recipes, lattes etc. then we recommend you look at lower grades such as kitchen grade where the bitter taste is concealed in the cooking and you can save anywhere up to 60% compared with the cost of premium grade.